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The Academy JROTC Department has the following teams:

Drill Teams
Raider Team
Color Guards
Rifle Team

A cadet does not have to be on one the teams to be in JROTC
or pass the course, however, being on one of the teams will
permit the cadet to receive rank, rewards, and recognitions
that would not ordinarily be earned.

Each team has different days and times for practice. Being
a member of a team requires total commitment and a sincere desire to be a good team member. No one is as good as everyone working together. All teams require a team effort.

Teams signup forms and requirements will be established during the first week of school.

No team uniform will be issued until the coaches have selected a team and produced a team roster.

Travel to other area schools in Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida, may take place depending on entry of teams in those competitions.

Physicals and school insurance is a must and connot be waived under any circumstance. Please don,t ask!

The Rifle Team will begin practice early in the school year and will begin practice 23 August 2004. Our first match will be during the second week in January 2005. Our area, area four, has fourteen teams, divided into two regions. 
Drill Team began practice on 08 August 2004. The coach for the drill team is First Sergent Gerald Ryans. They are expected to participate in many competions this year. There are many new cadets participating this year and they hope to be succesful in all their future events.

Raider team started practice on 23 August 2004. This years coach will be Command Sergent Major Cartagena.  They have already begun to work hard. They are training the new cadets on the team to get them into shape and the older ones back into shape. This year they are expecting to participate in many activites and competitions.
SCHOOL YEAR 2004-2005
Raider Team Won the State Championship!  HUAH!
The Raider Team Mixed Won the Three Mile Run at State Level!
The Drill Team Won the Area Four Mixed Squad Level and will compete at the State Competition.
School Year 2005-2006
The Raider Team so far has won the Richmond and Evans CountyMaurader Cup Sep 05, the Overall Championship Trophy at the Elberton Raider Competition  Oct 05, and the Overall Championship Trophy at the Paulding County Raider Competition, 05 November 05.  HUAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  Way to Go Raiders!
As of today, the 19th of November 05, the ARC JROTC Raider Team, Mixed, is the Georgia State Raider Team Champions, havings placed with two seconds, one third, and two forth place finishes and enough points to earn the overall mixed State Raider Team Championship!  Way to go Raiders!  HUAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MEGA HUAH!  Congratulations to the team and to CSM Noel Cartagena, the Raider Team Coach, all a Class Act that brings a lot of credit to the Raiders, JROTC, and the Academy of Richmond County!


Raider Team will be the first to begin practice. A Physical and PT test will be requred by the end of the first week of school. Parents permission slips will be required and the Georgia No-Pass No-Play rule applies. You
must have passed 5 out of 6 subjects at the end of last school year. Please don,t sign up is you failed two or more classes. We want you also, but you must pass your classes.

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