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The Academy of Richmond County High School was chartered in 1783 and is probably the oldest High School in the United States still operating under it's original charter. In 1898, a military department was formally started by Major George P. Butler, a former graduate of the Academy. Major Butler later became the principal of the Academy and the first president of Augusta Junior College started in 1926 and co-located in the same building with the Academy. An official U.S. Army JROTC PROGRAM began in 1926. The school was an all male school up until 1949. All students wore uniforms and marched to and from all classes.

In 1974, the JROTC Class became voluntary and girls were admitted to the JROTC program. In School Year 1979 and 1980, the JROTC Drill Team won the National Drill Team Championships. In School Year 1997-98, the Academy Girls Basketball Team became the first girls basketball team from Richmond County to win the State Championship. The School has won State Championships in Baseball, Golf, and Basketball.

The Academy has graduated numerous students who were students of the military department who later became governors of the state of Georgia, U.S. Senators, and U.S. Military Officers, some who rose to the rank of four star General. General William Richardson, former U.S. Army TRADOC Commander was a graduate of the Academy and was selected and attended the U.S. Military Academy. He was the invited guest speaker at the Bi-centennial, 200 year celebration of the Academy of Richmond County High School. Cadet Colonel Michael W. Price, son of Major Luther W. Price, the current Senior Army Instructor for the Academy JROTC Program and Chairman of the Military Department, was the Battalion Commander for the Corps of Cadets when the school celebrated their Bi-centennial in 1983.

In earlier years the Academy had well over 1200 cadets in uniform and would fill the fields out in front of the school on uniform inspection day.

This school year, 1999-00, the cadet corps started with well over 250 cadets in LET levels I, II, III, and IV. The Cadet Corps was organized with a Battalion Command and Staff Section and Four (4) companies, A, B, C, and D.

For School year, 2000-01, the cadet corps started with 236 Cadets in LET levels I, II, III, and IV. The Cadet Corps was organized with a Battalion Command and Staff Section and Four (4) companies, A, B, C, and D.

The Battalion Commander for this school year was Cadet Lieutentant Colonel John Becton, Executive Officer was Cadet Major Legina Hall, and the Command Sergeant Major was Cadet Sergeant Major John Chandler. The Alpha Company Commander Donna Smith, Bravo Company Commander Jeffrey Brown, Charlie Company Commander Kattina Byse, and the Delta Company Commander Brandon Brantley. The Corps of Cadets has been selected and designated an "Honor Unit With Distinction" by the secretary of the Army for the past ten years, and almost continuouly as an Honor Unit or Honor Unit with distinction, since 1927.

The Battalion Commander is Cadet Brandon Brantley, Executive Officer, Cadet Jeffrey Brown, Command Sergeant Major, Cadet Maria Perez. Alpha Company Commander is Cadet Shawn Stripling, Bravo Company Commander is Cadet Kristin Sexton, Charlie Company Commander is Cadet Marquise Mason, and Delta Company Commander is Cadet Daniel Bailey. The Corps of Cadets has been selected and designated an "Honor Unit With Distinction" by the secretary of the Army for the past eleven years, and almost continuouly as an Honor Unit or Honor Unit with distinction, since 1927.
The Battalion Commander is Colonel Marquesia Mason, she is also the Co-Ed Drill Team Commander, Executive Officer and S-3
is Michael Hermes, Command Sergeant Major is CSM Daniel Bailey, Automation Officer is Kristen Sexton, S-1 is Nicole Cunningham, S-2 is Karena Booker, S-4 is Mary Gladden, S-5 for
PAO is Jennifer Mathis, S-5 for Recruitment is April Robertson, and Armory Officer is Rodriquez Jackson.  Assisant S-4 is SGM CRYSTAL Doyle and is S-1 SGM is Shaun Stripling.  This School Year is one of the
most accomplished years for the Corps of Cadets.  Their score on the Formal Inspection this year is 999 out of a possible 1000 points, the highest in the past 43 years! 
The Corps of Cadets have an Honor Guard, Male and Female Color Guards, Raider Team, Drill Team, and Rifle Team. During school year 1997-98, the Military Department celebrated its 100th anniversary, and the 50th consecutive year of having an annual Grand Military Ball when a young lady from the student body, who is not a cadet, is selected to be the JROTC CADET CORPS, HONORARY CADET COLONEL. The military ball is filled with pomp and circumstance with the male cadets wearing their Class A uniform with White Shirt and Black Bow Tie, and the female cadets wearing long formal evening gowns. The Honorary Cadet Colonel is elected by the Corps of Cadets from a "Top Ten" list and is announced, crowned, and received by the Corps of Cadets at the annual Military Ball. The Honorary Cadet Colonel for this school year is Miss. Tiffanie Bryant. Tiffanie was just recently, October 22, crowned Miss Homecoming Queen for school year 1999-2000.  For year 2000-2001, during the 52nd ARC Military Ball,  Miss Letajal Daniel was crowned the Honorary Cadet Colonel.  For year 2001-2002, during the 53rd ARC Military Ball, Miss Shemeka Dawson was crowned the Honorary Cadet Colonel.  This year, during the 54th ARC Military Ball, the 2002-2003 Honorary Cadel Colonel will be crowned.  The ARC Military Ball was held on the 29th of March 2002 and Mr.
Smith was honored since he is going to retire at the end of this
school year.  The parade of beauty was held and Ms. Vivian Thorton was the mistress of ceremonies.  The second runner-up was Miss. Summer O'Quinn, the first runner-up was Miss. Keondra Broadwater, and Miss. Elisabeth "Monte" Claussen was
crowned the Honorary Cadet Colonel for school year 2002-2003.
Mr. Smith placed the crown, Mrs. Emma Deveraux attached the Deveraux Triple Diamonds, Miss. Shameka Dawson placed the sash, and LTC Michael Hermes, Saber Club President, presented the one dozen yellow roses.  It was a great night for everyone.
The Battalion Commander is Cadet LTC Marquis Hardy.  This year started with the Corps having their Fall Commissioning,
return of colors on the 2nd of October.  Mr. David Robbins, the new Principal was the Guest Speaker and the Reviewing Officer for the ceremony.  Twenty-five (25) cadets were commissioned to 2nd Lieutenant.  The Georgia Army National Guard provided their HumV for Mr. Robbins to inspect the cadets and it was a huge hit with the student body.  The ARC Military Ball Was held in March of 2003 and Miss Leslie Medina was crowned the new Honorary Cadet Colonel for school year 2003-2004.  The cadets validated their 99.9 inspection rating score of the previous formal inspection conducted last school year with a Unit Visit I conducted by LTC Thomas Murphy from Lucy Laney JROTC.  The school has 1130 students this year. 
Cadet Major Douglas Heath is the Battalion Commander, Cadet Major Donte Clavo is the Executive Office, and Cadet Command Sergeant Major Aleesha Marshall is the Battalion Command Sergeant Major.  This year the Corps of Cadets started with 256 Cadets, four companies, and have classes over five periods.  The LET-4 cadets all meet 2nd period, and the LET-1, 2, and 3's meet third, fourth, sixth, and seventh periods.   The ARC Military Ball was held on 30 January 2004, and Ms. Anna Marie Virata was crowned the new Honorary Cadet Colonel for school year 2004-05.  The Unit Visit Was conducted 18 Feb 04 by Major Sellars, SAI from Harlem High School JROTC.
The results of the inspection were the same as for the past two years, OUTSTANDING!, the cadets did extremely well. 
Cadet Major Shantelle Wheeler is the Battalion Commander and Cadet Command Sergeant Major Brandon Boyd was selected to be top NCO for the Corps. Cadet CPT Anthony Gist is the Executive Officer for the Corps of Cadets. 
The initial enrollment report was submitted with 266 cadets assigned to the battalion.  The Cadet Corps upheld their reputation as being one of the best in the State of Georgia by again scoring exceptionally high on their Annual Formal Inspection.  The Corps of Cadets scored a 987 out of a possible 1000 points.  Mr. Anthony Proulx was the Chief Inspecting 
Officer from sixth brigade and everyone was well pleased with the outcome of the inspection.
The Raider Team won the State Championship for Mixed three (3) mile run, the Mixed Maurader Cup, and Miss Ashley Molina was voted to be the Honorary Cadet Colonel for School Year 2005-2006.  
Twenty-three cadets are scheduled to attend the JCLC, SUMMER CAMP, at Fort Gordon, Georgia this year.  Major Price will be the JCLC Logistics Officer, CSM Cartagena, the Camp Command Sergeant Major, and 1SG Ryans will serve as a Company Tactical Officer.
The battalion was formed with Dorothy Blades selected to be the Cadet Battalion Commander, Antonio Thomas to be the Cadet Command Sergeant Major, Tiffany Davis to be the Cadet Executive Officer, and Charles Radke to be the Staff Sergeant Major.
The initial enrollment report was submitted with 276 cadets assigned and a request was submitted to approve hiring of a third Enlisted Army Instructor.  The request was approved and SFC David Gaston, previously with Emanuel County Institute JROTC was hired effective 1 October 2005.  SFC Gaston will teach the LET-1 Cadets and be the Drill Team Coach.
The Cadet Battalion got off to a good start and had twenty-three (23) cadets commissioned to second lieutenant during the Annual Fall Commissioning and Return of Colors Ceremony.  Mr. Robbins, ARC Principal was the Inspection Officer and Guest Speaker.  Ashley Molina, the Honorary Cadet Colonel for this year, and Cadet Command Sergeant Major Antonio Thomas uncased the Battalion Colors to start the new school year activities for the battalion.

Previous Battalion Commanders Since Major Price became the SAI have been:

1995-96 Cadet Colonel Toni-Tenniel John Paul
1996-97 Cadet Colonel Eric Bell
1997-98 Cadet Colonel Tina Bolton
1998-99 Cadet Colonel Toni-Tenniel Singleton
1999-2000 Cadet Colonel John Becton
2000-2001 Cadet Colonel Brandon Brantley
2001-2002 Cadet Colonel Marquesia Mason
2002-2003 Cadet Colonel Marquis Hardy
2003-2004 Cadet Colonel Douglas Heath
2004-2005 Cadet Colonel Shantelle Wheeler
2005-2006 cadet Major Dorothy Blades
Currnet SAI:  Major Luther W. Price - 1 July 1995 to present,
Came to the Academy from Hephzibah in 1995 where he previously served as the SAI for eleven (11) years, 1984-95. 

Previous SAI:
LTC Erastus Roberts Resigned 1978 
LTC Donald Cliborn 1978 Retired 1995
Current AI's:
CSM Noel Cartagena - July 2000 to present
1SG Gerald Ryans - September 1999 to present
SFC David Gadson - October 2005 to present 
Previous AI's:

PSG Raymond T. Sumner 1964 Retired 1987
MSG Charles Reed 1974 Retired 1991
CSM Aurelious A. Winter 1987 Retired 1999
MSG Richard G. Neal 1991 Retired 2000

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