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Activities and Events


SCHOOL YEAR 2000-2001

We have two hundred thirty-one cadets pre-registered for this school year and some very good cadets coming back. It appears it will be a very good school year!

Freshman Orientation is scheduled for 16 August 00 at 1830 hours. Twelve cadets will serve as honor guards/guides for this activity. The first day of school will be Friday, 18 August 2000.


Our Return of Colors, Commissioning, and Special Saber Dedication will be held 27 September 2000. Sixteen Cadets will be commissioned and promoted to Second Lieutenant. Parents will be involved in the commissioning and each parent will present a Saber to be used by each cadet to consummate their commissioning. The Return of Colors will be conducted by the Battalion Command Sergeant Major, Cadet CSM Maria Perez, the Honorary Cadet Colonel, Miss. Letejal Daniels, assisted by 1SG Gerald Ryans, Military Department Army Instructor. The Special Saber Dedication will be in Honor of Two World War II Veterans, (Deceased) Mr. J. M. Anderson, and Mr. John E. Creech. Mr. Creech is the father of Miss Nina Creech, PE coach and Softball Coach. CSM Cartagena will be awarded the Legion of Merit for his Army Service by Colonel Peter Farrell based upon his retirement 30 June 2000.
Special Honored Guests attending will be former Congressman Bo Ginn and Lieutentant General (Ret) Donald E. Rosenblum, former Commander of the 24th Infantry Division and Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah, Georgia.

1 OCTOBER 2000

Ninety-six cadets, Major Price, CSM Cartagena, 1SG Ryans, three parents, and two bus drivers took a field trip to Atlanta to watch the Braves get beat by the Colorado Rockies. It was a terrible loss for the Braves but a great field trip for the Cadets. Fun was had by all.

7 OCTOBER 2000

On 7 October 2000, Major Price, CSM Cartagena, 1SG Ryans, 88 Cadets, 5 parents, and 61 NCO's from Fort Gordon participated in a fund raiser for the Musketeer Battalion. This fund raiser was for the International Paper Corporation and the cadets performed in an outstanding manner. Fun Company of Atlanta was very pleased with our performance the cadets enjoyed themselves!

12 October 2000

on this date, Major Price will conduct the practice for the Homecoming Assemby, fourth period, to be conducted the sixteenth of October.
The Cadets will have an eight person saber arch, four honor guards, and 10 male escorts for the homecoming court. All cadets will eat first lunch and then report to the GYM.

16 October 2000

The homecoming assembly will be conducted at 8:00 A.M. with those cadets who practiced on the 12th participating. The escorts will be wearing Winter Uniform, white shirts, and bow ties.

Ms. Camile Hardy will conduct classes all day for the JROTC Fund Raiser kick-off.

19 October 2000

Major Price will conduct the Homecoming Game Half-Time acivities program after school at 2:45 P.M., at the football stadium. Saber Arch, Color Guard, and four honor guard members must be present.

21 October 2000

Homecoming Halftime program will be performed by the cadets who practiced 19 October 2000. Major Price will be the Announcer for this half-time program.

December 2000

The Corps of Cadets participated in two Christmas Parades,
Columbia County and Richmond County.

January 2001

After returning from Christmas break, the first semester ended with approximately 20 cadets getting out of JROTC and
approximately 20 new students coming into the Corps. The strength of the Corps is now approximately 210.

February 2001

This month, on the 17th, the Richmond County schools that have JROTC conducted the annual Grand Military Ball at Fort Gordon, Georgia. It was huge success. Our Honorary Cadet Colonel, Miss Letajal Daniels was escorted by our Battalion Comander, LTC Brandon Brantley and her BIO was read by Miss
Christy Cox, an English Teacher at the Acadmey. Miss Cox served as the mistress of ceremonies for the Grand Ball. The Corps of Cadets had over 165 Cadets and guests attend.

March 2001

This month started with us running to keep up with all the action. We had the Area Four Drill Competition on the 3rd, and we have placed four teams in the State Competition that will be conducted on the 24th in Macon. Our Annual inspection is on the 14th and Major Thomas McFarland from Harlem High School, and Captain Casher from Fort Gordon will inspect the Corps. All Cadets will be inspected in ranks for uniform correctness and general military knowledge to include the current chain of command. The LET-4'S will present a command briefing. One platoon from each company will be required to perform a drill routine.

Our own Grand Military Ball will be conducted on the 30th of this month and will honor Mr. Gerald Buckner, former principal of the Academy. The new honorary cadet Colonel for school year 2001-2002 will be crowned. Miss Mollie Baldwin, Choral Director at the Academy will be the Mistress of ceremonies. Mr. Joe Pearson, Mr. "1000 Watts" will provided the Music and we will have a buffet. All JROTC SPONSORS, TOP TEN, and selected cadets will perform in the GRAND MARCH!

Well, March is over. We had a very good, but hectic month with a lot of action. Our Inspection went very well. Major McFarland stated all was very good indeed. He stated he knew why the Academy is known as the granddaddy of them all and that we are still setting the standard for all other to achieve. That was quite a tribute from him. I
know him well and I know he meant that! Our cadets can be very proud for their achievements. Captain Cashin brought his XO, Lt. Penny and they inspected Companies B, C, & D.
All Companies did well. The Battalion Staff gave a very
good briefing. It certainly went well!
On the 24, our teams did not win or place at State, but the fact that they competed meant that they were already winners. We are very proud of their accomplishments.
Last night, our own ARC Grand Military Ball went well. Mr. Buckner was quite taken back by the honor bestowed on him. We feel he deserved it. The Honorary Cadet Colonel for school year 2001-2002 was crowned by Mr. Smith, Latajal placed her sash, Mrs. Devereux affixed the Nina Devereux Triple Diamonds, and Cadet Major Hicks presented her with the traditional dozen roses. She is Miss. Shameka Dawson. Congratulations, Shameka! Now you can go to work for the Major! Your work is cut out for you. HUAH! Miss
Latejal Daniels, you are an exceptional Lady! You have made us all proud with all your achievements and you have represented the corps well. You have been a true asset to the corps of cadets and we will surely miss you. Please do not forget us. You will always be a part of the corps! HUAH!
When we return from spring break, we will still have quite a few events yet to perform to finish up this school year.
The first will be the Cadet Challenge, then AREA FOUR Air Riflery Awards Progarm, the Richmond County Combined Review, the Corps Final Drill/Daytime Awards program, Evening Awards program, Underclass and Senior Awards Day,
and finally JROTC Summer Camp.
This year, we will send 24 to summer camp at Fort Stewart, Ga.
In conclusion, 1SG Ryans has been out this past week taking care of family, his mother, who just has an operation. Our hearts and wished goes out to this Lady! We wish her gods speed in her recovery!

Well Cadet Challenge is over, and now the task of competing
for best squad, platoon, and company is at the fore front of
our concerns. All Cadets will be trying to win the certificates and trophies that go with the titles earned. Our annual Richmond County Review will be held Monday, the
7th of May and the Final Drill Awards Day will be Wednesday
9 May. The next day, 10th of May will be our annual Evening
Awards Program that will be held in the Cafeteria at 6:00 P.M. That will really just about finish out our year except for turning in uniforms, getting the summer camp cadets ready for camp and closing out the school year. We
will have a special Saber Dedication on the 9th of May by a Captain Douglas Scott who is a personal friend of Major Price. Captain Scott is a graduate of Hephzibah High School who served on active duty in the Gulf War as a member of the Geogia Army National Guard. Captain Scott has
just recently been diagnoised with a brain tumor again and is on the mend. He will present a Saber dedicated in his name to the ARC Corps of Cadets.

School Year 2001-2001

This school year there are two hundred and twenty active cadets. The staff consists of 11 outstanding cadets.
The batallion commander is Marquesia Mason. The executive officer is Shaun Stripling. The CSM is Daniel Bailey. The S-1 is Nicole Cunningham, S-2 is Karena Booker, S-3 Michael Hermes, S-4 Mary Gladden, Asst. S-4 is Crystal Doyle, S-5 is April Robertson, Asst. S-5 is Jennifer Mathis, the automation officer is Kristin Sexton, and the Armorer is Rodriguez Jackson. There are four company commanders. Alpha Company commander is Shelita Johnson, Bravo Company commander is Tommy Walker, Charlie Company commander is Benjamin Perry and Delta Company commander is Andre Slaughter. We expect this to be a exciting and succesful year. HUAH!

7-8 September 2001

JROTC will be taking part on a leadership activity to Nantahala White-Water Rafting on the Nantahala River, in Franklin-Bryson City, North Carolina, Friday-Saturday, 7-8 September 2001. This is a chance for them to be involved in an outdoor adventure leadership training activity that is educational and at the same time, a lot of fun.

We will be leaving after school on September 7th and drive to Appletree State Campground, a short distance from Franklin, North Carolina. This is a State Campground and has all of the necessary facilities, i.e., showers, bathrooms, drinking water, etc. The cadets will pitch their tents and we will stay overnight. The next morning, we will stay overnight. The next morning, we will leave the campground and drive to the Nantahala River Raft Company and recieve our safety briefing and be transported to the starting point of the raft course. We will be issued our life vests, oars, and rafts and then proceed down the river to the closing point where our transportation will be located.

03 October 2001

We held our annual ARC JROTc Un-casing/Return of Colors and Commissioning Ceremony. The ceremony consisted of a singing of the National Anthem by the ARC chorus. Then the un-casing of the colors was held. This was done by the battalion's Honorary Cadet Col., Shameka Dawson, 1SG Gerald Ryan, and the Battalion Commander, Maj. Marquesia Mason, all under the direction of CSM Daniel Bailey. After this was the cadet commissioning. There were 18 cadets commissioned during this ceremony. There were Crystal Doyle, Jennifer Mathis, Mary Gladden, Shelita Johnson, Marquis Hardy, Krystal Bush, Jennifer Dreiser, Tommy Walker, Michael Zwanziger, Justin Anderson, Brandon Lee, Benjamin Perry, Victoria Westley, Tequilla Dunn, Charles Miskelly, Andre Slaughter, Uniquka Norris, Laquesha Lawson. After the commissioning there was a special presentation from the Mayor of Augusta, which claimed October 3, 2001, Academy of Richmond County JROTC Day. The ceremony was concluded with a pass in review by the ARC Battallion. This ceremony was successful and enjoyed by all.

11 October 2001

We would like to commend the Raider Team on their job weel done in the Rogers Cup tournamenet in Evans, Georgia. They placed third out of twelve, and recieved a trophy. Thwy placed second in Search and Rescue, third in Physical Fitness, and second in the Rope Bridge competition. Superb job Raiders!!! We wish you luck in all your future competition. HUAH!!!!!!!!!!

19-20 October 2001

JROTC participated in a fund raising event held by Fun Company of Atlanta. On the nineteenth the cadets met at the Augusta Green Jacket Stadium, where they set up for the event and on the twentieth they ran the event. Some cadets ran the Bingo, while others served the food and drinks and some cadets controlled the concession booth where they made cotton candy and snow cones. All cadets had an excellent time and are excitied about the next time.

7 November 2001

The ARC Saber Club held its annual Sponsor Day ceremony. During this ceremony the cadet officers showed their appreciation for their sponsor by either placing a pin on the males or securing a necklace around the females neck. The sponsors and what who they sponsor are as follow: Mary Parham-Military Staff, Marcus Bennett-Battalion Commander, Rachel Chastain-Executive Officer, Ashley Strong-Green -Command Sergeant Major, Jamaal Hill-S-1 Adjudant, Stuart Singleton-Automation, Michael White-S-2 Security (the rest of the sponsors will be updated/added by Cpt Robertson)

We have two Christmas parades, the Martinez, Georgia on 2nd of December 2001, and the Augusta, Georgia on the 16th of December 2001.
The Corps of Cadets had their formal annual inspection in February 2002 with
the results being the highest score recorded in 43 years (999 out of 1000 points
Monte Claussen was elected as the Honorary Cadet Colonel for SY 2002-03 and
crowned at the Military Ball.
Twenty three cadets attended summer camp and ARC had four Honor Graduates.
CSM Cartagena was the Senior Enlisted CSM for Foxtrot Company.  Foxtrot company was designated the Honor Company and Cadet Nicole Lowery was the
Company Commander during the Honors Ceremony and chosen as one of the Honor Graduates. 
School Year 2002-2003
Marquis Hardy was chosen to be the Battalion Commander for this school year.  Corps started off with 203 Cadets as of 20 August 02.
Numerous trips were taken, such as whitewater rafting, Atlanta Braves Game, and competitions.
Monte Claussen performed as the Honorary Cadet Colonel in a truly outstanding manner and Jennifer Medina was selected to become the Honorary Cadet Colonel for school year 2003-04.
This was an outstanding school year and the battalion again excelled and scored
a 99.9 on the annual inspection.
School Year 2003-2004
Douglas Heath was selected as the Battalion Commander and we started the year with 236 Cadets.  It was a good year and the corps of cadet revalidated their Gold Star Rating.
Anna Marie Virata was selected as the Honorary Cadet Colonel for School year 2004-2005.
SCHOOL YEAR 2004-2005
Shantelle Wheeler was selected as the Battalion Commander and  we started with 266 Cadets.  So far this year, the Corps has done well, they participated in numerous activities; Fall Return Of Colors/Commissioning Ceremony, Three Parades, numerous school and community activities and the Raider Team won the State Raider Team Championship in the three (3) mile Run!  HUAH!
The annual Formal Inspection (AFI) was conducted 11 February 2005 by Mr. Proulx and Mr. Denniston from 6th Brigade.  The Cadet Corps again exceeded all expectations and retained their "GOLD STAR" rating with an overall score of 98.7
out of 100 % or 987 points out of 1000.  A tremendous TEAM EFFORT, one that all should be proud of.  A few of the stand-outs in the preparation were 1SG Ryans and CSM Cartagena, Cadets Brandon Boyd, Brandi Olson, Shantelle Wheeler, Cherrelle Thomas, Krisella (Krissy Deptner), John Alexander, the Drill 
performance platoon from B Company, the Curriculum Team, and many, many more that will be named in this article later.  I am very proud of all of you for a
"job well done".  Major Price, SAI, ACADEMY OF RICHMOND COUNTY, HUAH!
SCHOOL YEAR 2005-2006:
Dorothy Blades selected as the Battlion Commander  with 276 cadets assigned.
Cadet Command Sergeant Major Antonio Thomas selected to be the Battalion Cadet Command Sergeant Major with Brittany Davis as the XO and SGM Charles Radke as the Staff Sergeant Major.
The Battalion conducted it's Return of Colors, Commissioning Ceremony, and Full
Review during the first week in October 2005.  Twenty-three cadets were commissioned to Second Lieutenant.  Parents of those commissioned were invited and assisted Major Price in the commissioning ceremony.  The ceremony was well received by all and the Cadets did well.
Effective 1 October 2005, the Academy JROTC was joined by their fourth instructor, SFC David S. Gadson.  The JROTC STAFF now has one Officer,  Major Price, and three enlisted instructors, CSM Cartagena, 1SG Ryans, and SFC Gadson.

Updated by Major Price, 5 November, 2005.


The trophies shown on the table are awarded to the Champions annually for the top Male Drill Team, Female Drill Team, Co-ed Drill Team, and Color Guard. ARC won the
Co-ed Drill Team Championship Trophy for School Year 1999-2000. This is a new category and was named the Dr. John P.
Strellec Trophy in his honor. Dr. Strelec was a former Richond County Superintendent of Schools and was a advid supporter of JROTC.


MSG Neal, Army Instructor with the JROTC Program at the Academy of Richmond County High School receiving his retirement plaque from Mr. Sullivan, the Deputy Superintendent of Schools at the annual Richmond County Combined Review, 1 May 2000. MSG Neal retired 30 June 2000.


This is the Brigade Staff for the Richmond County JROTC Combined Review conducted 1 May 2000. Lieutenant Colonel
Legina Hall from the Academy of Richmond County High School JROTC is shown, third from the right.

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Cadet Jeffrey Brown sweating just a little bit and chanting his company motto!


Cadet Jeffrey Brown Carrying white bag and wearing combat boots on his way to the outdoor pool after having finished drown proofing in the indoor pool! Huah!


Cadet Daniel Bailey wondering whats coming next during the obstacle course training at summer camp 2000, Fort Stewart,Geogia.


CSM Cartagena displays that HOOAH Smile while at Summer Camp 2000, Fort Stewart, Georgia!













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